For some reason I have always been attracted to the BW pictures – there’s just something so timeless and haunting about the way the BW pictures come together. I mean, for example, these pictures were taken in 2016 in Gonzales and apart from their modern clothes, their expressions and orchestrated presentation make these images seem tipped to the top with nostalgia — perhaps the starkness of the BW scale allows for a-kind-of time capsule of nostalgia to be captured and persevere.

For some reason these beautiful pictures of Girl Scouts sponsored soccer Sometimesteams are exquisite in BW.
Girls Soccer - STGP-1 Girls Soccer - STGP-2 Girls Soccer - STGP-3 Girls Soccer - STGP-4 Girls Soccer - STGP-5 Girls Soccer - STGP-6 Girls Soccer - STGP-7 Girls Soccer - STGP-8Just a small hint of the utter chaos 20+ soccer teams of little girls running all over the place – this all usually happens in 1 day with only 1 other day held as a “retake” day. When doing team pictures, you have to have everything right, because if you thought it was hard to grab the attention and get a smile from a 5-15 year old, imagine it with 6-8 more girls alongside them.

And did you know there’s only, like, 5 colors that ALL THE TEAMS USE; so you will go through dozens of different teams all that that are wearing the same blur of colors with the only discernable anything being the coach of the team – usually caught in flashes as they scurry after their team, trying to keep them somewhat composed for their big team photo debut.

*Le sigh*…. simply exhilerating! 🙂 🙂Girls Soccer - STGP-9 Girls Soccer - STGP-10 Girls Soccer - STGP-11 Girls Soccer - STGP-12 Girls Soccer - STGP-13 Girls Soccer - STGP-14 Girls Soccer - STGP-15 Girls Soccer - STGP-16 Girls Soccer - STGP-17 Girls Soccer - STGP-18 Girls Soccer - STGP-19Sometimes it takes a while to organize all the beautiful chaos into a formal team-pose picture.Girls Soccer - STGP-20 Girls Soccer - STGP-21 Girls Soccer - STGP-22 Girls Soccer - STGP-23 Girls Soccer - STGP-24 Girls Soccer - STGP-25 Girls Soccer - STGP-26 Girls Soccer - STGP-27 Girls Soccer - STGP-28

LOCATION   ||   Gonzales, California

PRIMARY PHOTOGRAPHER   ||   Frank Bellafiore Photography